Merhaba! Hello! My name is Sarah. When I was seven I had a friend who was living in Turkey. Upon returning to the United States, he gave my sisters and I Turkish money. It was the first foreign money I remembering receiving. Quite perplexed about the different color, size, and denomination, a foreign currency lesson ensued. A couple of years later my mom buys my sisters and I a set of encyclopedias with an Atlas as the last book. It was the first book I reached for and it became my addiction for decades. I was enthralled not just by the mountains, rivers, and lakes but even more. imagining the lives of the people living in such place. Life goals took me to different parts of the world but Turkey was always there, never leaving me. In 2015 I finally went to Turkey on a biblical trip. I returned to live there for almost 3 years. Though never an official tour guide, I've always chosen to let freedom and curiosity guide me and those who continue to follow me, despite repeated warnings not to. The three things that make a country worth exploring are the terrain, food, and most importantly the people. May you fall in love with Turkey as I have.